Lafayette, LA | A Louisiana woman has been arrested by authorities after allegedly trying to sell her six new born babies to a Russian circus traveling through town.

Latifah LaCreme, 37, face charges of criminal attempt to commit aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment, as well as violating Haley’s Law.

Investigators said the unemployed single mother tried to sell her month-old sextuplets for $3,000 each or a total of $15,000 for the group, according to the Russian circus’s manager, Youri Kolokoltsev.

“It appears she tried to make some kind of a deal with the manager. She would sell them individually for $3,000 a piece, or $15,000 for the whole,” explained agent Cayce Wilmore of the Lafayette Police Department.

Contradictory testimonies

Latifah LaCreme’s attorney instead argued that it is the manager of the Skomorokh circus that offered his client to buy the sextuplets.

“My client says she was approached by Mr Kolokoltsev while at the McDonald’s and that he offered to “employ” the sextuplets which she refused at first,” he told the judge.

“It is only three days later when Mr Kolokoltsev became more insistent and where she complied to “let them go” for $1,000 per child.”

“But my client has since then come back on her decision and deeply regrets the decision she took while under heavy financial stress and in a state of depression.”

LaCreme also told the judge she had never received the money and that the sextuplets had disappeared the next morning, after which, she contacted the Lafayette Police Department who later arrested M. Kolokoltsev.

LaCreme and Kolokoltsev both face several charges of aggravated child abuse, aggravated child neglect or endangerment and human trafficking, charges that could individually face up to 1,025 years in jail.